Welcome to The Elsenerds

We are passionate people talking about the things that interest us. We have three shows, What Else is On? Pod Save the Queen, and The 616. You might be saying, “OK those are words, but what do they mean?” All I have to say is, “Hold on and I will tell you.”

Starting with our most frequent show, What Else is On? this show is our TV and Movie News and Reviews Show. Gregor and Corey talk about shows like iZombie, Agents of Shield, Flash, Tiny House Hunting, Brew Dogs, Community and More. Basically if it came out the past week we talk about it. We also have a segment called Starts And Stops where we take a break and talk about the Shows that are premiering or ending that week. watch What Else is On? every Monday Night at 9:30 PM EST.

The Second Show is Pod Save the Queen. our British TV Review Show. Basically Gregor talks about the shows he finds that air in the UK on networks like BBC, Channel 4, Dave, Sky, and ITV. Watch Pod Save the Queen Wednesdays at 9:30 PM EST

Lastly is The 616. Our Comic Book News and Review show. Corey and Gregor talk about the Comic Books and all other comics related things. The 616 airs Saturday at 9:30 PM EST


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